Primary Healthcare in Hong Kong

Our Vision for the Primary Healthcare System

A shift of healthcare focus from curative treatment to the prevention of diseases is necessary for addressing the new challenges to our healthcare system brought about by an ageing population and increasing chronic disease prevalence. We are committed to enhancing district-based primary healthcare services in a bid to shift the emphasis of the present healthcare system and people's mindset from treatment-oriented to prevention-oriented.

Our vision is to improve the overall health status of the population, provide accessible and coherent healthcare services, and establish a sustainable healthcare system.

To achieve the above, we should follow the following strategies:

  • Prevention-oriented
  • Family centric
  • Community-based
  • Early detection & intervention

To enhance primary healthcare service delivery, we need to further develop the district-based family-centric community health system based on the DHC model and strengthen the concept of "family doctor for all", especially in the management of chronic diseases, to cultivate a long-term family doctor-patient relationship between the patient and his/her family doctor.

District Health Centre (DHC)

  • Anchor of a new district-based healthcare model which leverages on public-private partnership and medical-social collaboration. It provides better primary healthcare service and co-ordination in the community
  • A service network developed through partnership with organisations and healthcare personnel on the district level to support PHC doctors and enhance service accessibility and co-ordination

Family Doctor

  • Family doctor is the major primary care service provider who provides comprehensive, family-centric, continuing, preventive and co-ordinated care to you and your family members, taking care of the health of you and your family members.
  • Apart from treating and caring for acute and chronic diseases, a family doctor also plays a crucial role in supporting you continuously in the prevention and self-management of diseases.
  • A family doctor has a good understanding of your health conditions and needs. He can provide the most suitable care and professional advice to promote your health.

Life Course Preventive Care

Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth)

  • eHealth supports the family doctors through family doctor pairing, patient empowerment and patient monitoring.
  • DHC can access member's personal health information and management plan via eHealth.
  • Members of the public can obtain family doctors' profiles and personal health information collected from participating in services provided by the Hospital Authority (HA), DHC and private healthcare providers via eHealth.