Introduction of CDCC Pilot Scheme

Scheme Objectives

  • Provide convenient screening services for diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HT)
  • Provide tailored health management plan for Scheme Participants to control chronic disease risk factors
  • Prevent chronic diseases and reduce related complications
  • Practise "Family Doctor for All"

Comprehensive Support

  • Community-wide Promotion
    • The Government will launch a series of promotion activities to encourage eligible citizens to participate
  • Proactive Recruitment
    • DHC/DHCE will assist citizens in enrolling and pairing with a Family Doctor in the initial stage of the Scheme
    • Family Doctor can directly invite eligible individuals to enrol in the later stage
  • Self-determined Co-payment Fee
    • Upon enrolment in the Scheme, in addition to receiving a fixed Government subsidy, Family Doctor can determine the co-payment fee for each subsidised consultation in the Treatment Phase
  • Government Subsidy
    • All services of the Scheme, including medical consultations, medications, laboratory investigations, nurse clinic, allied health services, are partially subsidised by the Government. Scheme Participants are required to pay the co-payment fee only
  • Purchasing Drugs at Discounted Price
    • Family Doctor can directly and conveniently procure drugs required during the Treatment Phase from designated suppliers of the Government at discounted prices
  • Support from Medical Laboratories
    • The Government has arranged designated laboratories to provide various investigations and examination services referred by Family Doctor according to Scheme Participants' needs
  • Integrated Care by Professional Team
    • Family Doctor will be supported by a multidisciplinary team including nurses and allied health professionals (optometrists/ podiatrists/ dietitians/ physiotherapists). The above services will be coordinated by DHC/DHCE
  • Doctor-patient Partnership Incentive Mechanism
    • Scheme Participants who achieve health incentive targets, will enjoy a one-off reduction in co-payment fee for a subsidised consultation in the following programme year with a maximum amount of $150 (the Government recommended co-payment fee)
    • Family Doctor who has a certain percentage of Scheme Participants under his/her care achieving health incentive targets in blood sugar and blood pressure levels, will also receive incentive payment. The incentive payment is based on 15% calculation of the number of subsidised consultation attended by target-achieving Scheme Participants, Government subsidy per subsidised consultation and recommended co-payment fee