Introduction of CDCC Pilot Scheme

Scheme ObjectivesLogo of CDCC Pilot Scheme

  • To provide convenient screening services for diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HT)
  • To provide a tailored health management plan for Scheme Participant to control risk factors for chronic diseases
  • To prevent chronic diseases at an early stage, thus reducing related complications
  • To realise the goal of "Family Doctor for All"

Scheme Content

Screening Services
  • Family Doctor will perform assessment and arrange investigations for screening
  • Family Doctor will arrange blood test(s) at designated medical laboratory
  • Family Doctor will explain investigation report and diagnosis, and formulate appropriate health management plan
Health Management Plan
  • Family Doctor will provide a maximum of six subsidised consultations annually to Scheme Participant diagnosed with HT and/or DM, while those with prediabetes will be offered a maximum of four subsidised consultations annually together with the necessary medications
  • Family Doctor will arrange necessary laboratory tests and examinations as required
  • DHC/DHCE will arrange nurse clinic and/or allied health services according to referral by the Family Doctor and condition of the Scheme Participant
Coordination and Support from DHC/DHCE
  • To follow up and coordinate health management plan of Scheme Participant
  • To set health goals together with Scheme Participant based on Family Doctor's suggestion
  • To enhance Scheme Participant's self-health management, promote Scheme Participant empowerment and help to build a healthy lifestyle

Caring Services

Family Doctor for All
Scheme Participant can choose his/her preferred Family Doctor to receive personalised and comprehensive primary healthcare services.
Comprehensive Care
Family Doctor will formulate health management plan based on screening results and provide medical consultations, medications as well as referrals to laboratory investigations, nurse clinic and allied health services to meet the medical needs of Scheme Participant.
Personalised Case Management
DHC/DHCE will coordinate health management group activities, nurse clinic and allied health services based on the health management plan of Scheme Participant.
Integrated Care by Professional Team
A multidisciplinary team including Family Doctor, nurses, allied health professionals (optometrist/ podiatrist/ dietitian/ physiotherapist) and DHC/DHCE will support various medical needs of Scheme Participant.
eHealth App Support
Scheme Participant can use the eHealth App to browse health information, access personal health record, as well as record and self-monitor certain health parameters such as blood pressure and weight.
Government Subsidy
The Government will partially subsidise medical consultations with Family Doctor, medications, laboratory investigations, nurse clinic and allied health services under the Scheme. Scheme Participant is required to pay the co-payment fee only.
Incentive Mechanism
Starting from the second programme year, Scheme Participant who achieves health incentive targets will enjoy a one-off reduction in co-payment fee by $150 maximum (i.e. the co-payment fee recommended by the Government) for the first subsidised consultation in the following year of the Scheme.
Bi-directional Referral Mechanism with HA
Under the bi-directional referral mechanism developed with the Hospital Authority (HA), Family Doctor can arrange with the coordination by DHC/DHCE for Scheme Participant with clinical needs to receive a one-off specialist consultation at an HA designated Medicine Specialist Out-patient Clinic, according to pre-defined criteria and guidelines, for clinical advice on the health management plan, so as to facilitate Scheme Participants in receiving continuing and co-ordinated primary healthcare services in the community.